Thoughts on 2016

December 31, 2016

camellia-1Like a lot of us, I’ve been fed up with the way 2016 has gone. It’s understandable–lot of grief was had by all this year. Many of the most talented, brightest souls left our world this year. Some of the most horrifying people were granted power this year. So much war, hate, bigotry and violence has happened. And the ignorance we’ve seen is just so goddamn frustrating. My personal life was also filled with seemingly endless amounts of grief. Here are just some of the unfortunate things that happened to me this year:

This was the year one of my favorite people almost died, Mike Sasso.
This was the year I broke up with the person I love most in this world, Sam Sasso.
This was the year my autoimmune disease got the best of me.
This was the year I had to move to a new city and live on my own for the first time.
This was the year I didn’t get to see, visit or hug one member of my blood family.
This was the year we lost our beloved dog, Rex.
This was the year I was unable to find a job for a long time.
This was the year we got evicted.
This was the year David Bowie died, for Christ’s sake.

#fuck2016 am I right? But instead of stewing in a grudge today, I find myself struck with awe when I take stock of what happened this year. I truly want to give 2016 a hug if I could. I’m speaking for myself here when I say that yes, 2016 sucked so hard, but so much good came out of it too. Here’s are all the positive things that happened:

This was the year Mike Sasso survived. It was the year he regained full function of his heart.
This was the year I got back together with my fiancé and we’ve never felt closer to each other.
This was the year I took control of my illness and finally felt healthy and normal again.
This was the year I lived on my own and found strength within myself.
This was the year I finally found forgiveness and compassion for my mother.
This was the year we honored Rex’s life and felt thankful he was a part of ours.
This was the year I found a great job as a Senior Stylist and met some incredible people.
This was the year I finally put my degree to good use and landed a full-time writing job.
This was the year Sam and I decided to buy a house.
This was the year I found out who I am.

For every awful thing that happened in my life, something incredible was created from it. Our lives are filled with polarities. We all have experiences that render us breathless. But there is a bit of light, some amount of potential within those moments that guide us towards resolution. And only until you’re out from underneath the weight of that heavy circumstance, you see that you prospered and in fact thrived. Out of the worst comes the best. No doubt, 2016 brought on a lot of destruction, and yet within that chaos it presented opportunities for us to rebuild and be born once again. So fuck you, 2016 but also thank you. You put us all through the wringer, but we’re better humans because of it. Cheers to that.

Happy New Year, everybody.

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