This Mid-Century Magic is Almost Ours!

May 24, 2017

our-midcentury-homeWe were driving on SE 60th just past Stark when I lost it–a messy sobbing meltdown. It was Easter Sunday and we had just gone to two open houses, both were dank and depressing. The week prior we said goodbye to a house we got into contract on. The scope of repairs plus how much we overpaid (to outbid the enormous competition in this town), we would have gotten ourselves into a money pit of a house. Not wise for it being our first home so we were glad to get the hell out of that deal, but nonetheless it’s emotionally taxing on your whole being to let a dream go after a long hard-fought battle.

So we had to brave our weary souls for yet another journey through the Portland real estate market. It’s ridiculous out here. Over the last 3 months, we’ve put in 9 offers. Almost every house is going for 10-15% over asking price! One that we put an offer on went for over $95k over asking. Yep, that happened. But all of it was necessary for us to get to where we are now and we couldn’t be happier because we are FINALLY IN CONTRACT ON THE PERFECT HOUSE!!! It was a long road and it still isn’t over yet, but we found the one it feels like! Finally. And it’s beautiful and lovely and every word in a thesaurus search for words that match “bitchin.” And it will soon be ours. We are so happy.

A little bit about the house–it’s a 2 bed, 1.5 bath mid-century ranch in Mill Park that sits on a 1/3 of an acre with a huge, beautiful backyard, a spacious galley kitchen, the loveliest living room with an original, white-brick fireplace and another family room towards the back of the house with a wood-burning stove. The exterior is made of cinder block that’s been painted white. The house is surrounded by azaleas and trees. And it’s got AC yo. In addition, it’s got these huge, 10 ft. tall ugly arborvitaes obstructing the street view of the house as well natural light from shining in, so we’re anxious to get rid of those and show the house’s pretty face.

And one of the greatest things about this house is we’re buying it from a sweet, older couple who have lived there for over 40 years and are moving to Tennessee. They’ve expressed that they want to meet us and show us the quirks of the house. They also said that they are excited to pass down the legacy of the house to a young couple, so we can make our own mark on it and create life-long memories in the home, just like they did. Aren’t they the best? It also means there is great mojo in this house, since these two are so thoughtful. We were picking up those vibes the second we walked into the house! We can’t wait to move in, put our touch on things and carry on the legacy. And I’m stoked to share more pictures of it in the future with you guys, but for now here are these pictures I quickly took of the outside when we had our inspection this week. Keep thinking positive thoughts for us!


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