The Women’s March

February 18, 2017

History was made on January 21, 2017 and I’m so grateful to have been part of that day. The energy was palpable. Over 100,000 people gathered peacefully in downtown Portland. I went with my favorite woman in my life, Connie (Sam’s mom), and we roared and rumbled our way through the streets, albeit slowly since there were so many people. We huddled under our umbrella, we shouted, arms wrapped in our handmade “Resistance” bands as we stood in the cold and collectively with our fellow citizens made our bodies present and our voices heard for the world to see. And apparently it was SEEN. This was a massive global event that sent the resounding message of “NO” to this current administration. No, we will not tolerate immature behavior, ignorance, sexism, dishonesty and bigotry in the White House.

We are the Resistance. We have the power to not only express our distaste for this administration, but also the power to take deliberate actions that dismantle their hateful, uninformed efforts. As a community that remains resistant, yet peaceful and positive, we will see real CHANGE.

As an individual, I find my efforts are most effective when I begin small. I look within my community and my neighborhood to see where my strengths fit in. I’m still experimenting with this, but feel driven. My goal is to use my capacity to support and empathize for a greater good. I also find picking one cause that is near and dear to my heart and focusing most of my actions on mainly that cause is a stronger way to make a difference.

Happy resisting to all of you. Everything will be ok. We will find balance in our society if we continue to fight the good fight.

Love and peace,

P.S. Here are some links to organizations that I support:
Women’s March
Planned Parenthood
The New York Times


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