Summer To-Do List

June 10, 2016

zella day skateboarding
I’m getting giddy for those perfect, warm summer days ahead of us. I’ve got lots of things I’m stoked about doing this summer, especially since Sam and I are moving–new beginnings are usually exciting to me. I look at them as a chance to hit the reset button and live my life the way I want to. A recalibrating of sorts. Not listed, for good reason, is “get a job” but that’s boring so we’ll stick to the fun stuff for this list:)

  • Take a road trip to the Sierra Nevada mountains for Silver Lake Resort’s 100 Year Anniversary.
  • Find a place in SE Portland to call home. Sadly, we were sent a no-cause eviction notice from our landlords last month. We were on our way out anyways so it didn’t sting as much as it could have. We’re ready for a whole new environment, one where we’ll feel welcome and allowed to have a dog. In the meantime, we’ll be living with Sam’s parents for a few months to save up some money. Life and it’s many journeys!
  • Adopt a puppy. We’re planning to work with One Tail at a Time here in Portland.
  • See the other-worldly Painted Hills in Central Oregon.
  • Play with film photography and buy a Polaroid Land Camera 420.
  • Launch my vintage online shop on Tortouga, where I’ll be selling unique pieces for the radically stylish ladies out there.
  • Learn to play acoustic guitar–my goal is to get really good at playing/singing one song by the end of summer, hopefully this one.
  • Enjoy my health, my new found sense of self and relish in my inner and outer beauty!
  • Sing more, in the name of good thyroid/throat chakra health and just because it feels good for my soul.
  • Experience a river day. It seems silly but being from Orange County, CA I’m used to beach days and I feel absolutely clueless as to what you do by a river, but I’m curious and it seems like fun!
  • I’ve been daydreaming lately of getting a longboard and skating around the neighborhood on warm summer evenings. I’m liking this one.

Image via @zelladay by Saamuel Richard

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