Portraits of Portland / 02

April 19, 2017

cherry-blossom-volvoI really was inspired this week by the spring season! Whether I was wandering the neighborhood, house hunting with Sam or taking Luke for a walk I got excited about the passing of the season. And cats:) Most of these were taken with my iPhone–I plan onΒ incorporating iPhone photos with photos taken with my Nikon for this series, just to challenge myself to take sophisticated photos with my phone. I explored taking a couple of imperfect photos, allowing movement to enter the frame or an out of focus perspective that was kind of dreamy. I also liked taking not so obvious photos of fallen petals, rather than full blooms. Spring is fleeting and the petals reflected that for me. A couple of the photos also had a nostalgic vibe to them, especially the black and white Volvo and the baseball field. Overall, I had fun with this collection of photos.


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