Portraits of Portland / 01

March 27, 2017

del-rancho-motelI’m bringing back Portraits of Portland! I use to have a yoga/lifestyle blog and did a series called Portraits of Portland when I first moved here in 2013. It was really fun for me. I would share the photos I took every week of my new city and it was a way for me to explore PDX, while also serving as a creative outlet for me since taking photos is such a passion of mine. Now that I have a new blog, I’m excited to begin this project again. I’m hoping to do it every week, which will be a fun challenge for me. These are just a few photos I’ve taken around town within the last several weeks. It’s finally starting to feel like spring here, yet the weather has been so fickle. Sunny then cloudy, clear then raining. Hoping to see some blooms sprouting up in the next few weeks!

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