Our Silver Lake Escape: Part II

November 29, 2016

silver-lake-hillsOur second full day in Silver Lake was a fun one. After our surprise moment the night before, we both were on cloud nine. We were still so tired from traveling, but what’s better than being engaged with the one you adore in the Sierra Mountains?! Nothing, is the answer. Unfortunately, we could only get two nights at Silver Lake Resort, so we had to check out of our cabin on Sunday morning. So after we packed up the Jeep, we headed for the cafe for one last delicious breakfast (their breakfast sausage will set you free). We then met up with the owner, Gary, and he took us for a ride in his golf cart through the campgrounds and up the hill to the Parker House, which he is currently renovating into a B&B. He’s hoping to open it next year and it’s going to be so beautiful. Gary used to be a contractor and knows his way around renovations and even restoring period homes like the Parker House, which was built in the 1920s. He’s keeping the original stone fireplace, using lots of rosewood accents and has even built a gorgeous wine cellar. It’s going to be amazing. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of it to show you but I thought I’d share anyways since it’s such a cool thing happening at Silver Lake. Sam and I love houses and home-improvement, so getting the insiders scoop on the Parker House was exciting. He’s already hosted a few weddings on the lawn, so it was fun to also get some potential ideas for our big day. Who knows, maybe we’ll wed at the Parker House! We shall see.

We then got all geared up for our day on the lake. It was a beautiful, sunny day to be fishing on a boat; the wind picked up right when we motored out there (of course). Being on the lake in a boat is my absolute favorite thing to do in Silver Lake–it takes me back to my childhood when I spent my summers in Catalina on our boat. Being out on the water and getting the view of the entire mountainside is unbelievable–you are completely immersed in nature. So that’s what we did for the last half of Saturday. We putted around, kept trying to catch fish, talked and laughed a lot, ate snacks and took in the views. We’d take a few breaks and then get back out there. We finally, within the last half hour of the dock closing, WE CAUGHT OUR FIRST FISH. Finally. And it wasn’t just any fish, it was a rare, native Brown trout. And I was the one who caught it! It was exciting and the perfect way to end our trip in Silver Lake. By the time we were done fishing, it was 7pm and that’s when we hit the road for Mammoth. Since we couldn’t get three nights in SLR, we decided to stay at another one of Sam’s clients’ lodge, Edelweiss Lodge. It was our first time there and they made us feel so welcome. The cabins are so cute, they are all designed with a German influence and they are dog-friendly too (we’re excited about that for our future dog). Our suite had a wood-burning stove fireplace, a nice kitchen and a TV. It was a great place to stay and recharge before our long journey home the next day. We’ll see you next year, Silver Lake!

ace-and-jig-coffeeMountain mornings + Ace & Jig + Coffee = Heaven

silver-lake-cafe-coffeesilver-lake-aspens-fallThose Sierra Mountain Aspens!

silver-lake-boat-driversilver-lake-fall-treescarsons-peak-black-whitefall-mountain-fishingIt was my first time seeing Silver Lake in the Fall and it did not disappoint. Those colors!

sam-goof-ballSam being his goof-ball self.

silver-lake-boat-dockcarsons-peak-boat-bwOur last moment in Silver Lake.

edelweiss-lodge-mammothOur cute, little German cabin in Mammoth. Thank you, Edelweisse Lodge!

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