Our Silver Lake Escape: Part I + Another Surprise

November 6, 2016

silver-lake-boatsSilver Lake is one of my favorite places. It’s where Sam has been going with his family for almost 30 years and I’ve been lucky enough to experience it for the past 5 years. It’s become such a sacred place for me to unwind with my family and breathe that fresh mountain air. Unfortunately, the family couldn’t make the trip happen this past June with everyone living in different states, so Sam and I decided to make the trip just the two of us at the end of September. And what an important trip it was for us. We needed it so badly! 2016 has been so rough. We almost lost his dad, we broke up, we got back together, we got evicted, I quit my job and most recently we lost Rex–Sam’s border collie of 16 years. It was devastating for us. Needless to say, getting away from our everyday life and having some fun in Silver Lake was very necessary for the two of us, even if it was only for a few days. So off we went and 15 hours and 3 states later we arrived in the Sierras! Haha! It was a harrowing road trip but we made it and had a blast along the way.

We stayed in the cutest little cabin at Silver Lake Resort for 2 nights. We arrived late Friday evening, just exhausted as can be. After unpacking, we heated up some Dinte Moore (the best shitty Mountain food ever–have you guys had it before?!). Sam and I were so tired from the car ride that we could barely sit up to eat. But we ate together at the dining table and just smiled our big smiles, feeling content that we had arrived. It was amazing to wake up the next morning to such a beautiful, sunny day and see Carson’s peak off in the distance. From then on, our trip was filled with lots of fishing on the shore, letting our eyes feast on the landscape in front of us, documenting all of it on my camera, and wonderful conversations with my guy. My favorite moments were the simple ones and one spectacular moment that took my breath away–like drinking coffee with Sam on our sun-drenched deck, catching up with the owners, Andrew and Alisa, who made us feel so welcome, sitting on the shore with our poles in the water and letting the whole experience of being in nature wash over me, getting so inspired by my surroundings and letting my ideas come to life photographically and last but not least, Sam getting down on one knee and asking me if I would marry him again. And just like that, with Carson’s peak as our only witness, we were engaged again.

Yes, that’s right, Sam and I are engaged again! And in our favorite place ever! It was incredible. It came about like this: Sam wanted to fish the shore at night and like a total fashion dork I wanted to him to take some pictures of me in this amazing, vintage leather fringe jacket. So after losing his fishing lure and him taking some pictures of me, we both stood there, arms wrapped around each other, looking up at the millions of stars above us. That’s when he pulled my ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee and asked “Tori, will you marry me, again?” I immediately started tearing up and said fuck yeah! Haha, no I said YES. But it felt like a fuck yeah moment to me on the inside. And I have to say, it was a relief to have my ring back and more importantly to have our relationship back and better than ever. For the past several months, since getting back together, it feels like we’ve finally arrived at this point of total unconditional love for each other and this moment on the lake solidified all of that for us. I’ll never forget the way his misty eyes looked at me with so much intent. And I love how Sam didn’t plan a single thing about that moment, he just did it from the heart and let the experience take care of itself. Third time’s a charm, I guess! Yep, this is his third proposal! More on that later 😉 I’ve included the pictures we took right before it all went down. Scroll on for lots of documentation! And stay tuned for Part II of our trip!

california-road-triproad-tripon-the-roadRIP bugs

silver-lake-mugNothing beats waking up in Silver Lake and enjoying coffee out on the deck.

Sam emulating the way his dad used to set up their poles when he was little, left foot up on the bench.

peace-sign-fishingMy new favorite vintage tee!

broken-tree-silver-lakeaspen-samThe handsome cowboy.

silver-lake-night-fishingI love how I had no idea what was about to happen in this picture below and how nervous and excited he must have been, all while I’m asking him “Sam, will you take a picture of me?” and directing him, “No, stand right here and make sure the flash is on.” Haha! I was just happy to document this fringe beauty! I love you, Sam. Thank you for making this moment so memorable.


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