Oaks Amusement Park

August 3, 2016

oaks-hot-air-balloonsAbout a week ago Sam’s niece, Ella, flew into town and one of the first things we did with her was visit Oaks Park. It’s the sweetest little amusement park 2 minutes away from Sam’s parents house in Sellwood and we had such a great time. It felt so good to act like a kid for a day. I made sure to bring my camera should inspiration strike me and it struck big time. I couldn’t get enough of the colors! And the different shapes! And all the little details that make a place like that so much fun, like the starfish motif on the ground at mini golf, the shiny plastic rides set against the blue sky, candy-colored flowers and that fun-house mirror is always such a trip. I’m hoping to fit in another trip here before summer’s end or possiblyΒ go on mini-golf date with Sam. This place is whatΒ summers are made of.


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