Jean Play

July 19, 2016

patchedI’m really liking this playful jean trend that’s going on in fashion right now. From patches to embroidery to Japanese “boro” style stitching, there are so many different ways to wear denim. And these ideas are being revived from all kinds of decades; 60’s, 80’s even ancient traditions from Japan. This trend definitely adds more flair and personality to an outfit and I’m a big fan of using style as a catalyst for self-expression. Also, it’s a great way to update or repair some of your old favorite jeans. I love the idea of repairing jeans not just to cover up the rip or tear, but elevating that blemish and making it into something more beautiful. I’ve taken some inspiration from these photos and have started repairing my favorite pair of skinny jeans using the boro technique. So far it’s looking pretty good! I’ll definitely share the finished product with you soon. Anyways, I’ve always been in love with denim, it’s so versatile and can be worn with anything and with this trend, it just shows how dynamic denim can be. It’s the perfect blank canvas.

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