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November 21, 2016

fall-leaves-selfieHappy Monday, lovelies! I thought I’d gather a few fun links together (also a couple of links to spread the word about important political movements) to get our Monday off to a good start. How about those beautiful Fall leaves! Most of the trees here in Portland are now bare, but the golden-colored leaves are still strewn on the ground. I’m trying to get the most of out Fall and enjoy the color before Winter comes along and makes everything sad and grey. Don’t get me wrong, Winter has it’s own kind of beauty that I’m starting to appreciate after living here for 3 years, but Fall is where it’s at in Portland. The city is its most beautiful self from September through November.

So it’s been a whirlwind for most of us the last couple of weeks since the election, but I’ve been reflecting on it and the best way for me to move on, while not getting apathetic about it all is to #1 Stay Positive #2 Stay Informed #3 Take Action #4 Be a Love Warrior. Those are the things that make sense to me. I have to keep the positive juices flowing, but also take deliberate actions that’ll directly influence the change I want to see in our democracy. It’s a tough fight for us and its so easy for me to get discouraged and bitter, but that doesn’t help anyone or anything. And I also want to make more of an effort to spread the word about these important issues, like Standing Rock, women’s rights as well as the rights of minorities, on Facebook or any social media outlet in a more positive way. I truly believe we need to voice our anger and frustrations, but do it in a constructive way. Anyways, these are things I’ve been thinking about as far as politics go and I feel grateful to be in a community of like-minded individuals here in Portland and here in the creative, blogging community.

In other news, I got a new job that I’m super stoked about! Starting next Monday, I’ll be working for a local, web-design agency, Stellaractive, doing copywriting & photography. It’s actually where Sam also works (it’s going to be so weird to work with my partner! But we’re feeling pretty great about it) and where I’ve been doing some freelance work. I have a B.A. in English and love to write and take pictures so this will be a great fit. While I’m so bummed to be leaving Mink and my amazing co-workers (I’m going to miss them like crazy, I can already feel it) and retail in general, I’m beyond excited to start this new phase in my working life. I think it’ll be a huge learning experience and my writing skills will be put to good use.

Have a great week you guys! And have a lovely Thanksgiving!

The top of all my floral-embroidery dreams.

-Can’t stop thinking about Solange’s performance on SNL the other week. For me, her music is very reminiscent of 90’s r&b/pop, yet so modern. I just love it. Watch her music video too–the art direction is insanely beautiful, her movements are meditative and it celebrates women of color.

-I’ve got my “eye” on this blush pink, Clare V. clutch.

-Props to Gretchen Jones and her dedication to spreading the word on how to get activated and organized about the election results. We can’t stop fighting the good fight and following her on Instagram will not only be a great reminder for us to stay awake, but will also help to inform us on how to get involved in protecting our rights during the next 4 years. She lays out specific points of action we can take as citizens to directly be a part of the pro-women, pro-immigrant, anti-trump and anti-bigotry movement.

-Madewell’s guide to caring for your winter coat.

-Loved this article on Almost Famous’ Penny Lane and her iconic, 70s style.

-Currently reading George Harrison: Living in the Material World and enjoying every page of it. There’s a documentary of the same title, written by Martin Scorsese, that I’m dying to see.

-Portland put on a pop-up park in Pioneer Square intended to ease seasonal affective disorder this past weekend. Activities included yoga, discussions on emotions and playing with a litter of adoptable puppies. So bummed I missed it!

Barack and Michelle Obama are the cutest couple EVER. And while we’re at it, you’re heart will flutter at some of Barack’s sweetest moments.

This is my kind of outfit! Complete with a Lebowskiesque sweater, black Beatle boots and a gigantic safety pin. I love Julie’s style! I’ve been wanting to do regular style posts for awhile now, but I never get around to it. I need to just do it, I think.

10 ways we can help the Sioux fight the Dakota Access Pipeline.

These Thanksgiving recipes, courtesy of Designlovefest, are making my mouth water big time!


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