Happy Friday

July 22, 2016

joni-the-last-waltzHappy Friday everybody! This week was a tough one with the job search. But I’m moving forward and realizing it wasn’t meant to be. Keeping it light and positive in my head–I know there is something great out there for me. I’m planning on chilling out this weekend, enjoying the sunshine and spending some quality time with Sam’s niece, Ella–she flies in from OC tomorrow! Here are some fun links for your Friday. Have a beautiful weekend, you guys.

Sam and I made these grilled steak tacos this week and they hit the spot–the jalapeno and lime marinade is where it’s at.

Do you remember these 18 shoes from the 90s you forgot you were obsessed with? Total blast from the past.

Watch this sweet story about the oldest mime in the world. Storytelling at its simplest and finest.

Check out Gretchen Jones guide to online vintage shopping.

I love this mama’s 1920 Spanish abode.

Have you seen Imogene + Willie’s vintage collection lately? These pendants are so lovely.

I’ve got my eye on this Indigo Drop Mug from Accompany.

The new Ace & Jig Fall collection just dropped! This top from Le Souk Le Souk is gorgeous.

Goop’s guide to Paris in August has got me dreaming of that ever-elusive trip I need to take. Oh Paris, someday we will meet.

Sam and I re-watched Scorsese’s The Last Waltz recently. Joni Mitchell’s performance of Coyote with The Band is perfection. So is her outfit.

Image from here.

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