Family Trip to the Oregon Coast

September 29, 2016

haystack-rock-cannon-beachThis summer was such a blast, I think the best one yet since moving to Oregon almost 3 years ago. Sam’s sister, Sara, and his niece and nephew, Ella and Thomas, flew up from Orange County to visit and one of the highlights of our reunion was driving to the Oregon coast. We rented a car and all 7 of us squished in there and made it to Cannon Beach. We grabbed some lunch at the Screw & Brew at the local hardware store, they have the best burger and fries! Then we walked to the beach and sunk our bare feet into that perfectly soft sand, like a warm hug around your toes, and gazed out at Haystack Rock. Sam and I went to Cannon Beach last year but this time it was equally, if not more awesome taking in the view and that ocean breeze. Plus, I love sharing experiences like that with people I love who haven’t seen it yet. Seeing Ella and Tommy take it all in was really sweet. We played in the water (so so cold!), ran around, took way too many pictures and at one point Ella started burying Tommy in sand:) After Cannon Beach we decided to drive to Astoria and see what that town is all about. We also went to go see the Goonies house which was hilarious. We were all so tired and cranky by that point, some of us were protesting going to see it (me and Sam) and Sara and their dad were all for it. So we somehow found the house and got to the road that leads to it with a giant sign that said something about not driving up to the house and that people live there, bla bla bla (you signed up for that buddy), but we drove up there anyways. We all kinda went “oh cool” and then realized we were stuck up there with no room to make a u-turn and then it quickly turned into a funny “oh shit” moment, thinking we’d get caught. In the end, I’m glad we did it. It topped off the day with a funny memory and I’m always for that. Anyways, here are some of the pictures I snapped throughout the day, sadly I don’t have any from the Goonies experience. Shucks.




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