Etro Fall 2017

March 10, 2017

etro-fall-17-1The newest Etro Fall collection is absolutely stunning. With me being the 60s and 70s fanatic that I am, these looks have me ecstatic. They are definitely rooted in that era, but not overtly so. It’s so easy nowadays for designers to use the hippie era almost as a gimmick; they use certain elements in their runway looks like flowly boho dresses, high-waisted pants, perfect beach-waved hair that hearken back to that free-spirited time, but it can fall flat if it lacks substance. Etro pulls it off beautifully. This collection goes back to the melting pot of cultures and textiles that made the 60s and early 70s so memorable. Their patchwork of textiles, mainly from Asia and India, is outstanding. I’m in love with the look below–those pants are genius. The coats are like soft, wearable mosaic paintings. With a rainbow edged runway and Tibetan flags above, Etro definitely put on a joyful and fashionable show.

Images via Vogue.

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