Columbia River Gorge

September 29, 2016

columbia-riverFor Mike’s (Sam’s dad) 67th birthday back in August, we decided to go sight-seeing along the Columbia River Gorge and geez was it beautiful. I looooved taking pictures in this environment, I felt really inspired by the little details of this awesome, natural place. We first checked out the Vista House, which had an unreal view of the river. Then we drove along the mountain to the popular-for-a-good-reason Multnomah Falls and that was an amazing experience. The power of that waterfall! It was such a perfect summer day to do this, it was definitely hot, but worth being in the heat of the day to be surrounded by beauty like this. It was also so special to celebrate Mike’s life that day, after “the incident,” as we so carefully call it, that happened earlier in the year we are lucky to still have this man on this earth. Happy Birthday Mike! We love you!


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