Change is in the Air and…Alpacas

May 26, 2016

A breakup, an no-cause eviction notice and quitting my job. Oh change is certainly in the air! It’s kinda nutty how everything in my life is getting tossed and turned right now. But it’s all good change and at least everything is happening in stages, allowing me to wrap my head around each situation. My boyfriend and I got back together earlier this month and it’s been wonderful. Our breakup really prioritized things for each of us and allowed us to grow stronger and more mature as individuals. We were able to come back together in a whole new way and it’s been kinda magical every since. Soon after we reunited, we got an eviction notice from our landlords. Haha! It’s just comical at this point. It actually isn’t such a terrible thing since we were on our way out anyways, but never-the-less it still blows to get kicked out of your home for no reason other than the landlords being greedy and wanting to significantly raise the rent. Now the most recent incident on the stressors-of-life list is I am currently in need of a new job. I quit my manager position at Le Souk Le Souk for personal reasons, but I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with the skills and experience I gained from that job. It’s definitely bittersweet to be leaving a job that I loved but I can feel that I have something amazing waiting for me somewhere in the near future.

Like I said in my last post, I’ve reached a new level of confidence within myself; this super steady sense of presence that keeps me feeling secure and calm. It’s like I know that no matter how shitty things may seem to get, it’ll all work out and there’s always some good nugget of experience to take away from it. This chill vibe I have going on has helped so much throughout the last several months. That and, you know, alpacas. How’s that, for a non-sequitur? Ha! They were my neighbors just down the road from me when I was living in Sandy. I decided to go introduce myself to them one day and brought my camera along. They were very curious of me, at one point I had all seven alpacas staring at me. Eventually they relaxed and seemed to enjoy having me around (or at least I’d like to think so). It’s nice knowing I can go visit them again if this stress ever gets too overwhelming. Alpaca therapy is a real thing, right?


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