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    Portraits of Portland / 02

    I really was inspired this week by the spring season! Whether I was wandering the neighborhood, house hunting with Sam or taking Luke for a walk I got excited about the passing of the…

    April 19, 2017
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    Portraits of Portland / 01

    I’m bringing back Portraits of Portland! I use to have a yoga/lifestyle blog and did a series called Portraits of Portland when I first moved here in 2013. It was really fun for me.…

    March 27, 2017
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    Happy Monday!

    Happy Monday, lovelies! I thought I’d gatherΒ a few fun links together (also a couple of links to spread the word about important political movements) to get our Monday off to a good start. How…

    November 21, 2016
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    Friday Roundup

    Happy Friday everybody! It’s been a scorcher of a week here in Portland. I’m okay with it since I’m not ready for summer to be over! Give me all the sun!Β I’m really happy about…

    August 26, 2016
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    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday everybody! This week was a tough one with the job search. But I’m moving forward and realizing it wasn’t meant to be. Keeping it light and positive in my head–I know there…

    July 22, 2016
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    Summer To-Do List

    I’m getting giddy for those perfect, warm summer days ahead of us. I’ve got lots of things I’m stoked about doing this summer, especially since Sam and I are moving–new beginnings are usually exciting…

    June 10, 2016